About Us

THINK HEALTHY SYSTEMS, a division of JD Young, is Oklahoma’s premier provider of the state-of-the-art Pure Water Technology drinking systems that are replacing outdated, unused and unsanitary drinking water fountains, plastic bottled water and filtered water coolers in the workplace. Our Pure Water systems are manufactured by Pure Health Solutions Incorporated (PHSI), an international company. THINK HEALTHY SYSTEMS is a company that supports Oklahoma's initiatives to Go Healthy and Go Green.

Go Healthy

THINK HEALTHY SYSTEMS has partnered with many companies across the state of Oklahoma that see wellness as a path to physical and fiscal health. There is a growing body of evidence demonstrating the efficacy of workplace wellness programs. Why the growth? Because healthcare costs are one of the fastest-rising costs of doing business and companies implementing wellness programs are seeing first hand the beneficial results and return on their investments.

Wellness takes on many dimensions in the workplace from physical health to emotional well-being, relationships and work/life balance as well as other factors. Exercise and proper diet are the most proven, effective means in achieving overall wellness. However, many are not aware of the importance of water as it impacts health and wellness.

Water is a basic essential of life.  Our own UN General Assembly declared the period from 2005 to 2015 as the International Decade for Action, “Water for Life”!*

The Pure Water Technology state-of-the-art drinking systems are helping support the ‘Go Healthy movement by increasing drinking water consumption levels in the workplace with a continuous supply of Fresh, Oxygenated, pure drinking water that is readily available at the touch of a button! 

Go Green

Oklahoma, alongside our entire country, is focusing its efforts on the health of our environment. This aggressive movement includes tackling the reduction of the plastic water bottle waste filling our landfills as well as the excessive energy it takes to manufacture and transport these plastic water bottles. The Pure Water Technology systems are helping support the Go Green movement by purifying your existing water and delivering it to you by a touch of a button. These systems are helping to eliminate the excessive energy and water waste attributed to water bottles as well as the water waste associated with water fountains.

Go Healthy Go Green
Access to safe drinking-water is important as a health and development issue at a national, regional and local level.  In some regions, it has been shown that investments in water supply and sanitation can yield a net economic benefit, since the reductions in adverse health effects and health care costs outweigh the costs of undertaking the interventions.  This is true for major water supply infrastructure investments through to water treatment in the home.”*

*Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality, first addendum to third edition Volume 1 recommendations, World Health Organization 2006.